Home Sales and Prospect Management

Sales Associates can assign a prospect rating and ask prospects what brought them in for a visit. BuildScope accumulates these marketing answers to produce a reports that the Builder or Developer can use to determine ROI for all marketing expenditures. Sales Associates can enter prospect notes within the record and assign pre-determined marketing campaigns to each prospect based on their prospect rating. They can even ask the prospect to take a pre-sales survey, allowing the builder to capture demographics and make sales marketing decisions based on this information.

  • Manage Prospect Information
  • Track Visit Date
  • Demographic Surveys
  • Broker & Realtor Tracking
  • Prospect Check List
  • Note & Comment Pad
  • Agent Task Calendar
  • Manage Sales Contract
  • Multi Home Quotes
  • Reports and Graphs

When Sales Associates log in to BuildScope, they see only their assigned sales leads. By choosing information from the various drop-down fields, they can quickly enter data in the prospect record. The information in these fields can be customized by the builder.

Notify Decorators, Realtors, Lenders, Closing Attorneys or upcoming meetings or tasks that are assigned to the homebuyer so they’re are all on the “same page”.

Prospects can be converted to Homebuyers quickly and easily by attaching their record to existing inventory homes, lots, or to a newly created home project.

BuildScope offers Homebuilder and Developer Sales teams an integrated marketing and sales application with automated lead conversion. Having a complete view of customers is invaluable to doing business.