Home Construction and Project Manager

BuildScope helps Builders and Project Supervisors set and manage any home construction schedule or manage and update their entire construction production schedule across all communities or locations. It allows the Builder to assign specific tasks to team members, subcontractors or vendors.

  • Increase Home Sales
  • Improve Team Communication
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Eliminate Costly Mistakes
  • Control & Lower Costs
  • Gain a Competitive Edge

Builders have a choice of how Subcontractor or Vendors can use BuildScope. They can provide a dashboard view of all assigned tasks or emails with links to specific information. If permissions are set by the Builder, Subs and Vendors can get a dashboard view of only their assigned tasks or act upon warranty requests. Users can update task notes, view and print work orders or purchase orders, and check off completed tasks. Builders can also send emails with links to this information and not allow a dashboard view of these items. For those Subs and Vendors that do not have internet access, the Builder can generate a fax transmission.

The Homebuyer Portal provides a view of the progress of their specific project. Homebuyers can communicate with the Builder Team, see all buyer tasks, payment reminders, view all documents including Sales Contracts, Home Worksheet and Selections Sheets. They can view posted photos of their project or post photos and documents to share with the Builder Team.

Homebuyers can issue Customer Service and Warranty requests within their portal. Homebuyers can share their portal with friends and family, increasing Builder exposure to other potential future clients… giving your business a competitive advantage.

Before becoming our clients, our users had voiced the need for a better solution that would improve how their team collaborates and shares project data. They wanted a solution that would be simple to use and easy to implement.