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Provide 24/7 access to your employees, customers and vendors with BuildScope's project management software.

BuildScope's prospect management and home building softwa re gives you a big builder solution but at a small builder's cost. This home builder software keeps track of all project information including all inventory homes, home quotes, milestones, documents, photos, email communications, schedules and stages, options, selections, and buyer payment information. You also have access to all your data, which can be downloaded at any time.

Enhance your homebuyers experience by providing them access to their specific home project data and reduce the frequent phone calls asking for updates. You can even allow homebuyers the capability to make their home selections and warranty requests online!

BuildScope stores all critical project data in a secure, centralized repository. A single location where anyone on your team can access and update project data in real time with an internet connection...24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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