Cloud Based - Home Builder Project Management Tools

With BuildScope - Everyone stays Connected. BuildScope's cloud based home builder software offers a web-based home building software solution - Home Builders and Realtors are able to manage key areas of their day-to-day operations and benefit from BuildScope’s extensive project management capabilities.

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Flexibility 24/7 to Do Business from Anywhere!

Instant access, no matter where your location….

BuildScope's home building and prospect management software gives you a big builder solution, but at a small builder's cost. This project management software keeps track of all home building information including all inventory homes, home quotes, milestones, documents, photos, email communications, schedules and stages, upcoming tasks, options, selections, and buyer payment information.

Sales Associates get instant access to the latest prospects, and leads are never dropped or lost. Track prospect inquiries and provide sales leads to the right people. Builders can view all Sales Associates activities to assure maximum selling advantage is being utilized.

Manage customer service requests and seamlessly route warranty items to the right people. Warranty managers get instant access to the latest service request, and request items are never dropped or lost. Builders can view all service request activities and follow-up to assure they are proactively being completed.

Cloud Based - Project Management System

Sales Management

Manage all your sales prospects and customer information in a single database. BuildScope provides powerful customer and contact management capabilities by providing resources to capture, manage, track and report contacts and potential buyer information.

Prospect Manager, a component of BuildScope, offers Homebuilder and Developer Sales teams an integrated marketing and sales application with automated customer inquiries and contact reports. Having a complete view of customers is vital to doing business.

Seamlessly track potential buyer inquiries, and route qualified leads to the right people. Sales Associates get instant access to the latest prospects, and leads are never dropped or lost. Associates have information at their fingertips to print prospect letters or mass mailings.

Builders have access to all Sales Associates actions to insure proactivity with home marketing and sales.

Project Management

A complete Project Management Solution is available for both Homebuilders and Developers who subcontract construction activities. With the valuable tool set offered by BuildScope, you and your team will be empowered in the most important areas of your business.

Builders have a choice of how Subcontractors or Vendors can use Buildscope. A dashboard can be set up with a view of all assigned tasks, along with emails and links to specific information. Or, if permissions are set, Subs and Vendors get a dashboard view of only their assigned tasks. Users can update task notes, view and print work orders, and check off completed tasks.

Avoid dropped communications, and increase productivity!

Buildscope has extensive project management capabilities, and all project data is stored in a centralized, industry standard SQL database.

Home Selections

The home builder options and selections management process is a very important part of managing a home building construction project. BuildScope provides a home builder and their design centers with an online options and selections management system.

The BuildScope online application will enhance your customer’s buying experience by providing them with 24/7 access to their home's dashboard for viewing, selecting and managing their options and selections. Free up your time! Clients can make choices on their own time. BuildScope will maintain and track all of your customers selections, which will reduce the time needed to conduct color or product selections meetings.

When managing your customer's options and color selection, a web-based management application can be one of the best tools used. Simplify and provide one-stop selections shopping!

Customer Service

Customer Dashboard - BuildScope's home building software also includes a Buyer's Dashboard - the buyers can login directly from the BuildScope web site. The dashboard provides a quick view to all the information on their home.

Your customers can communicate with the builder team, see all their tasks, payment reminders, view their documents including sales contracts, home worksheets, and home colors and selection sheets.

With BuildScope your home buyers can also view posted photos of their project or post photos and documents to share with the builder team.

The Homebuyer Portal provides a view of the progress of their specific project. Homebuyers can communicate with the Builder Team, see all buyer tasks, payment reminders, view all documents including Sales Contracts, Home Worksheet and Selections Sheets. They can view posted photos of their project or post photos and documents to share with the Builder Team.