Home Colors and Selections

If you have a one stop customer color selections center, a web-based options and selections software application will help automate your process. Your homebuyers will be able to start the process at home by using their homebuyer dashboard, and then finish the process with a design consultant who can help them put the finishing touches on everything and then pull it all together. Your customers will have access to view, feel and touch all of interior and exterior finishes which have been assembled at your design center. This process can also help showcase the quality and included features on all of the available standard and custom options that you offer for their new home.

An affordable options and selections management software will save you and your team members the time of chasing paper forms that may or may not have the correct information.

The software may also save the cost and embarrassment of ordering and installing the wrong color or item because someone was out of the loop and was not aware of the change in the color selection - but it's too late the item has already been installed. With the right software, knowledge and experience, the home product selections process will be proven to be invaluable to your homeowners throughout their home building experience. The best approach to take is a friendly and personable but in a business like manner which will ensure a smooth and enjoyable home building experience for the customer. The option and color selection process should not only be easy, but also a fun experience.

An options and selections management software can also create accountability for your managers and team by eliminating paperwork and miscommunications...you can eliminate the “He Said”, “She Said” comments.